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We're getting married!

Although it is not hard to find somebody who is registered to carry out civil marriage ceremonies, it is not so easy to find someone you can connect with, and who will ensure you remember everything from the planning to the ‘big day’ for all the right reasons.
Between now and your wedding you will likely think about hundreds of details to create a style and theme that matches your vision for the day. I have the flexibility and ideas to help you achieve the perfect ceremony.

I have a real passion for making your day unforgettable.



Let's Elope!

“Elopement” (traditionally defined as marrying unbeknown to family and friends, “mini weddings” and “just signing legal paperwork weddings” are becoming increasingly popular for couples who don’t want a big fuss and for those that may want to alleviate the cost factors associated with a big wedding.  It’s a great way to have a brief yet meaningful, memorable and personal wedding amongst a small group of significant others.

I can assure you that I will work with you with full effort and dedication and will ensure I meet and exceed all of your expectations to deliver your perfect and meaningful  ceremony. 

Renew vows


Renew your vows

Renewal of Vows are very special ceremonies for married couples who wish to celebrate their love, commitment and achievement after being married for a particular length of time.

These ceremonies often celebrate a special milestone or anniversary. Renewal of Vows ceremonies may be chosen by couples who were married elsewhere but wish to take the opportunity to celebrate their love and commitment with their family and friends.

It is a great chance for couples to reaffirm their vows, celebrate what they have accomplished and help strengthen their relationship for what is still to come. It may also be a time to celebrate and reflect upon all the unique and personal things that have enabled the marriage to endure. It is also a chance to acknowledge and thank each other and family and friends for the love and support they have shown over the years.

There are no legal requirements for a Renewal of Vows Ceremony. A certificate honoring the occasion is included.



I commit to you

The Commitment Ceremony is not a legal marriage, but a commitment between two people to share their hopes, dreams and future together.


A commitment ceremony makes public your love for each other and gives you an opportunity to express your commitment to your relationship in the presence of family and friends without creating a legal relationship between you.


It affirms your love and your commitment to one another, acknowledges the uniqueness and commitment of your relationship and is a great opportunity to share your joy, love and dedication with those close to you.



Your name day

A naming ceremony is a great way to officially welcome a child in to the world and for family and friends to share their hopes and dreams for them in the future. 

A naming ceremony is an occasion when a child is welcomed into the family and the community and these generally take place in the family home or a garden.

 It is an opportunity to celebrate your happiness with people who matter to you most and to remind everyone of the great joy and responsibility in bringing up children.


Naming and Welcoming ceremonies may occur at any age or on special occasions other than at birth. These ceremonies may be celebrated for adoption, for blended families or when there is a change of name.

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